These three maps show the most often used route to Nga'Moru Wilderness Camp.

The map on the left shows the route from Kampala to Kidepo Valley N.P. Note that this route is the most often used and you should count on a total of 8.5 to 9 hours (that is 6 hours from Kampala to Kitgum via Gulu and another 2.5 hours from Kitgum to the park).

There are other alternatives to this main route. One of them could be Kampala to Mbale and from there, proceeding to Soroti, then Moroto, Kotido, Kaabong and into Kidepo Valley N.P. Also you may choose to drive from Mbale to Moroto through Nakapiripirit. These alternatives offer a fantastic chance to discover the Karamoja Region, but be advised that road conditions may be a challenge sometimes in some areas.

Below you can find a detailed map for the portion of the journey from Kitgum to Kidepo via Orom and Karenga.

The last map gives you the most detail on the two different access roads to Nga Moru Wilderness Camp. In the rainy season, the most advisable route to use is the road coming from Karenga to Kaabong, from which you must branch north around 5 km after Karenga trading center. The other option takes you from the Lokumoit Gate (Main Gate) along the firebreak road for the park.

Please review the different routes and contact us for further details on road conditions on each particular time of the year.



Please bear in mind that the last proper petrol station you will find in your way will be in Kitgum town. So if you plan to stay around Kidepo for several nights, we advise you to bring spare petrol/diesel jerry cans to top up while in the park surroundings.

The use of mosquito repellent is also advisable, as in the case of any other natural habitat, especially in the evenings.