Welcome to Nga' Moru Wilderness Camp

Beyond the Well-Traveled Horizon...

Nga'Moru, meaning 'the place of rocks', overlooks the teeming Narus Valley in Kidepo Valley National Park. It is an ideal place to relax and view wildlife, many species of which are found nowhere else in Uganda.


With its great food, excellent service and elegant bandas - each with a breathtaking view of the Narus Valley - it provides the perfect location to enjoy one of East Africa's best kept secrets. It deserves a few nights stay.


As Nga'Moru is situated next to the park boundary, daily game-viewing from camp is a leisurely affair. Sightings from camp include hartebeest, waterbuck, zebra, giraffe, elephant, lion, and buffalo which regularly graze in the high rocky grounds of Nga'Moru, along with oribi, warthog, and a plethora of bird species - including nine raptors. 

And at the end of each day, there's a spot by the fire to unwind and share safari tales with the other guests at Nga'Moru. Sit back in your camp chair, look up, and gaze into a night sky like no other you've ever seen. Listen for grunting lions, yelping jackals and laughing hyena near camp. 

Big sigh...yes, Nga’Moru certainly is off the beaten track, beyond the prevailing horizons, a restful, isolated wilderness teeming with wildlife, a place where you can truly relax.


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